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What does Shelley Meyer have to complain about? Florida fans

In an interview published Wednesday on an Ohio State fan website, the wife of former University of Florida head coach — and current OSU coach — Urban Meyer talks at length on her feelings about UF and Southeastern Conference fans. SEC fans, Shelley Meyer is quoted as saying, are “just meaner.” Gator fans were quick to turn on her husband, even after two national championships, she says. “But, here is my perception (about Florida fans): I think they feel like… Read More »

Tebow fans rally in Jacksonville

Fans of former Florida quarterback Tim Tebow have announced a 3:16 p.m. rally Monday in parking areas of EverBank Field in Jacksonville. Their goal: to convince the struggling Jaguars that now’s the time to sign Tebow. The fans’ website – www.jags-tebow.com – says the rally will last three hours and 16 minutes, a reference to the “John 3:16” eye black that Tebow wore during the Gators’ BCS National Championship victory in January 2009. According to the website, the supporters want… Read More »

FiveThirtyEight blog gives UF one-in-five chance of winning NCAA tourney

New York Times statistician Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight blog has bumped up Florida’s chances of winning it all in the NCAA tournament. The Gators now have the second-best odds of winning it all behind Louisville, which is given a 32.4 percent chance. Silver has increased UF’s chances from 13.2 percent at the start to 21.3 percent, noting its margin of victory in earlier games and its “awfully favorable matchup” with Florida Gulf Coast University in the Sweet 16.

Tebow drops plan to speak at controversial pastor’s church

Tim Tebow has canceled an April appearance at a Baptist church in Dallas whose pastor has made controversial statements about other faiths, homosexuality and President Obama. His plan to speak there had drawn criticism around the country from many who – like the Orlando Sentinel’s Mike Bianchi – urged the popular quarterback not to tie himself to the “hateful” Pastor Robert Jeffress. Tebow announced his change of plans on Twitter with a string of tweets that seemed to indicate he… Read More »

Tebow outscores politicians in national poll

In polling U.S. citizens over various political figures and institutions, NBC and the Wall Street Journal called an option for the Gator Nation. And Tim Tebow scored. In their monthly political poll, the news organizations surveyed 1,000 people for their opinions, also, of the former University of the Florida quarterback, now the comeback king for the Denver Broncos. Considering both fans and detractors, Tebow outdid the political parties and politicians — including President Barack Obama — by more than 20… Read More »

Another Tebow turnaround has ’em talking

Another seemingly miraculous comeback by the Denver Broncos – a 13-10 victory over Chicago led by former Gator Tim Tebow – has everybody talking. Reactions in the media range from the shoulder shrugs, wonder and befuddlement on ESPN Sunday night to a religious-persecution diatribe on FoxNews.com. Here are few of the comments worth noting: Lindsey Vonn a fan – and friend “I got to see the Broncos’ amazing comeback win Sunday with Tim Tebow’s family, with his brother Robby and… Read More »

Tebow talk: comments from Youngblood, Revis and sportswriters

The talk of the American sports world this morning is Denver quarterback Tim Tebow doing what Tim Tebow does, leading a last-minute comeback drive to win, again, despite trouble earlier in the game. This last drive was 95 yards and ended with a 20-yard touchdown run to give the Broncos a 17-13 victory over the Jets on Thursday night. It left the Jets “shocked” and crestfallen. Here’s what some football and media professionals are saying around the country about the… Read More »

Elway: Tebow brings ‘that spark’

It wasn’t the “Play Tebow!!!” billboard. Instead, Broncos legend John Elway told NFL Total Access that the team’s new starting quarterback, Tim Tebow, “adds a great spark for us. So we’re looking forward to see what he can do.” That was evident, he said, in the second half against the Chargers on Sunday, when the former Florida star replaced Kyle Orton. “It’s just a matter of him going out and doing the best he can,” said Elway, the Broncos’ executive… Read More »