There’s no doubt Eddy Pineiro has a powerful leg. A video of Pineiro kicking a 78-yard field goal went viral before the nation’s No. 1 JUCO kicker signed with the Gators in Dec. 2015, and his rise to prominence is well-documented.

But Pineiro has once again outdone himself.

The Gators kicker nailed an 81-yard field goal and posted the video to his Twitter account.

As best I can tell, the previous record for the longest field goal in practice was an 80-yard field goal by former Texas and current San Francisco 49ers QB kicker Nick Rose in 2015.

In his first season with the Gators, Pineiro assuaged any doubts over whether or not his powerful leg and motion would be successful on the field.

Pineiro connected on 21 of his 25 field goal attempts, including three from 50 yards or more. Will Pineiro ever kick a 60-yard field goal? Will we ever see him attempt one from past midfield? If Pineiro were to kick a field goal from beyond midfield, the 67-yard conversion would tie the NCAA Division I record for the longest field goal in a game. The last time that happened was by Tom Odle from Fort Hayes State 1988, and it seems overdue for it to be broken.

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