Tim Tebow broke SEC records, won a Heisman Trophy and helped Florida capture two BCS National Championships under former coach Urban Meyer.

With a legacy like that, one would assume Tebow and Florida would be linked forever.

However, a recent Twitter post by the Ohio State University’s football team seems to suggest otherwise.

The Meyer-led 2014 national champions posted this picture Tuesday night, and it’s confusing for many reasons. Take a look below.

The quote is in support of Meyer, who Tebow has always spoken highly of.  Assuming he knows of the Buckeyes quoting him and using his image, this falls in line with who Tebow is: willing to help others whenever he can.

But the ad is hilarious in several ways.

While acknowledging Tebow’s name is synonymous with winning collegiate national championships, OSU has seemingly forgotten who stood in the way of his first.

As a freshman, Tebow was used in short-yardage situations as the Gators marched to a 13-1 record and a berth in the BCS National Championship. There, Florida faced the undefeated Buckeyes, and the rest is history.

Also, they couldn’t have used an Ohio State athlete?

Having to use an athlete from another school to represent your program winning championships seems disrespectful to the athletes, current and former, who have worked hard for the Buckeyes.

Besides, there are plenty of famous Buckeyes in recent history who could have made the list!

Ezekiel Elliot, Terrelle Pryor, Troy Smith, or Maurice Clarett all set records at Ohio State.

Well, maybe using Tebow was a smart decision.


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