It didn’t take long for Florida coach Jim McElwain to get his wish.

Last week at SEC Media Days, McElwain said one day he would like to sit down with South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier and picks his brain about offense.

“He’s one of the true guys offensively that knows how to get it done,” McElwain said of the former Gator.

That opportunity came for McElwain on Tuesday, as UF continued its annual tradition of picking up Spurrier on the way to Bristol, Connecticut, for ESPN’s car wash with SEC coaches.

McElwain was happy to give the Head Ball Coach a lift.

“Somebody asked me back at the office if I minded, and I said, ‘Heck, I drive by his statue that’s him and the Heisman Trophy every single day,’ ” McElwain said on SportsCenter. “The guy won a national championship there. I should be asking him if I could ride on our plane.”

McElwain and Spurrier probably weren’t drawing up plays on napkins during their flight, but the two coaches undoubtedly talked some football.

“He doesn’t need any advice from me,” Spurrier said during his appearance with McElwain on College Football Live. “He just needs to get some ballplayers. If he’s got his ballplayers, he’s going to be fine.”

McElwain also appeared on First Take, The Herd and other segments during his trip.

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