In polling U.S. citizens over various political figures and institutions, NBC and the Wall Street Journal called an option for the Gator Nation.
And Tim Tebow scored.

Tim Tebow on the sidelines against New England on Jan. 14. (AP photo)

In their monthly political poll, the news organizations surveyed 1,000 people for their opinions, also, of the former University of the Florida quarterback, now the comeback king for the Denver Broncos. Considering both fans and detractors, Tebow outdid the political parties and politicians — including President Barack Obama — by more than 20 percentage points.
Here’s the breakdown from the January survey:
26% had a very positive opinion of Tebow.
16% had a somewhat positive opinion.
24% were neutral.
5% had a somewhat negative opinion of him.
4% had a very negative opinion.
25% didn’t know his name or weren’t sure.
In summary, 42 percent had a positive opinion of Tebow and just 9 percent had a bad opinion. That’s a difference of 33 points.
His nearest competition in the survey was Obama, with 11 points. The president did have more positive results, with 50 percent, but his negatives, at 39 percent, were much higher.
Check out the full results.

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