Former Florida star Tim Tebow says he isn’t sure if Urban Meyer will ever coach again, but he doesn’t think it would be in the NFL.

A guest on the Dan Patrick radio show Tuesday morning, Tebow was asked if he could see Meyer coaching in the NFL.

“No I could not,” Tebow said. “I think he likes investing in young men, in men that are coming out of high school, that he can try to help, try to groom, try to groom them into being young men of character.

“And I think he really enjoys that. I think he knows how important that is, and I think that’s something he’s dedicated a lot of his life to.”

Tebow also talked about his immediate future with the Denver Broncos, who drafted him in the first round last April but recently fired their head coach.

Tebow started the Broncos’ last three games and could compete for the starting job in 2011. Patrick asked if Tebow is worried about who Denver will bring in to lead the Broncos.

“I’m not really going to worry about what I can’t control,” Tebow said. “When we do hire a new coach, (I will) just start learning the playbook immediately and try to get ready for OTAs (offseason training activities) and try to impress him with my work ethic, with my attitude and focus.

“And I’m sure that I can be a successful quarterback in this league.”

Tebow dodged some of Patrick’s more pointed questions …

  • Who would he pick between Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck and Auburn QB and former Gator teammate Cameron Newton?
  • Could he out-throw Broncos legendary QB John Elway?
  • How does he think UF and Gator Nation feels about his endorsement of FRS energy drinks over Gatorade?
  • What was some of the more creative trash talk that NFL players said to him this season?

You can listen to the entire interview here.

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